NEW! 無料で翻訳いたします。弊社の技術翻訳をお試しください。和文(中文)400文字程度、英文200ワード程度。翻訳事業部(にいますぐご連絡ください!

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NEW! 中国語訳も好評です。もちろん現役技術者による最終校正付き。ご利用ください。

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Give us call if you need professional translation for technical documents in Optics, Telecom and Electronics!


Features -

  • Translators and Proofreaders are All Originally Engineers in Major Company.
  • High Quality Technical Documents because Former Engineers Translate and Proofread with Actual Business Experience.
  • No Error, Quick and High Quality by Electronics Data File

Business -

  • Translation English Manual, Technical Documents, Product Brochure, Online Help on PC and WEB into Japanese. And Also Translation Japanese into English.
  • Proofreading for Technical Paper and Presentation in English.
  • DTP and Layout for These Documents